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Interactive events, programs and hands-on workshops are available in every genre of the arts. Talk to us about your needs and goals. We design new ways to increase communication and social skills through the arts.


We are a breakthrough resource for the busy educator, administrator, school principal, arts leader, community member or business sponsor with a range of world-class artists and content created for all ages and abilities. 


ArtLife programs will come right to your location or we can arrange a field trip. We have over 15 years of success in program production with group sizes from 10 to 5000. We offer special rates for schools, seniors, and fundraisers.

Our Programs

ArtLife produces authentic cultural arts programs for all ages


Participants enjoy presentations by guest artists from around the world, including storytellers, musicians, filmmakers, puppeteers, poets, muralists, dancers, and many talented educators. We produce experiential arts and entertainment programs that are inspiring and exciting! In 10 years, ArtLife has presented to more than 500,000 persons of all ages through school and community programs, workshops, field trips, camps, and festivals.

Global Cultural Awareness


ArtLife brings world-class artists right to you! We make it easy for you to produce original and exciting arts events for your community even if you have never done it before.

The Lifelong Love of Learning


From toddlers to seniors, ArtLife programs help communities connect across all ages and backgrounds. Building greater cultural understanding is what ArtLife is all about.


"The arts give a generation the ability to define its own time. It seems to me on a very grassroots level, the future survival of the arts in this country may have something to do with the artists, playwrights, and dancers opening their world to the next generation...There is nothing more inspiring for students than to meet an artist who has managed to make a life of creation and, frankly, there's nothing more inspirational for an artist than being in touch with the future."   

-Wendy Wasserstein, Author & Playwright



"ArtLife presentations and programs are just joyful and heart felt...They delve into the soul of every participant, retrieving and releasing a colorama of creativity, voice and movement... artistic living on so many levels. You can't help but be moved and effected for "life" by the art and the artists brought to your door."

Susan Tucker, School Instructional Coach, Duval County Public Schools


"ArtLife delivers the most engaging, smart, and fun hands-on art education programs we've ever had at our centers. I would recommend ArtLife to anyone looking for the best quality arts programs." 

Rena Coughlin, Exec. Director, NonProfit Center of Northeast Florida


"Karen has a daring vision for arts education and backs it up with nitty-gritty competence and an upbeat personality that exudes warmth. We have worked together a number of times and I've always felt that our collaboration was effective and positive for everyone concerned. Highly recommended."

David Gonzalez, Composer, Playwright, Storyteller, New York, NY

Studies show that regular participation in the arts increases social and communication skills


ArtLife presents cultural arts programming that is educational, effective, valuable and inspiring. We custom-design each program to support your needs and bring our expertise to you. 

Interested in having a conversation about what we can do for you? 

Request a free consultation to learn more about us. Leaders in creative production for the Arts, Film, and Government Services.

Karen Douglass Sadler,  Director


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